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Logistic Volyn


Border areas of Volyn region

In the north the region borders with the Republic of Belarus (border length - 242 km), in the east - with Rivne region (410 km), in the south - with Lviv region (125 km), in the west - with the Lublin Voivodeship of the Republic of Poland (230 km).

There are 9 checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine in the area of activity of Volyn customs:

  • for road transport - 6
  • for railway - 3

 Ukrainian - Polish border


The length of the state border on the Ukrainian-Polish section, in the area of activity of the Volyn customs of the SFS, is 230 km. There are 4 checkpoints in this area:

  • 2 for road transport: Yagodyn-Dorogusk checkpoint, Ustyluh-Zosin checkpoint;
  • 2 for railway connection: Yahodyn-Dorogusk checkpoint, Volodymyr-Volynskyi-Khrubeshuv checkpoint;

 Ukrainian - Belarusian border


The length of the state border on the Ukrainian-Belarusian section, in the area of activity of the Volyn customs of the SFS, is 242 km. There are 5 checkpoints in this area:

  • 3 for road transport: international (checkpoints "Domanove-Mokrany", "Dolsk-Mokhro", "Pulemets-Tomashivka"; and interstate (checkpoints "Pishcha-Oltush");
  • 1 for railway connection: checkpoints "Zabolottya - Khotyslav"

 Transport advantages and communications of Volyn region

Transport connection:

The main transport and border infrastructure with significant transit potential is developed in Volyn region.

As of January 1, 2020, the bus route network of the region includes 94 urban, 285 suburban and 365 intercity routes. 481 vehicles are used to service intra-regional routes.

Volyn region is located at a short distance from the capitals and most major cities of Central and Western Europe, on the rapidly growing world economic ties in the West-East and North-South, which are implemented through a relatively developed network of highways, in particular, Kiev-Kovel-Warsaw -Berlin, Kyiv-Kovel-Brest, Kovel-Lutsk-Lviv, etc.

Due to its geographical location, Volyn region serves as a transport corridor for freight and passenger traffic from the European Union, the Baltic region to Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Romania, the Middle East and the North Caucasus, and vice versa.

Car connections:

The length of the network of public roads of the region is 6195.3 km, including paved: 1795.7 km of roads of state importance and 4399.6 km - roads of local importance.

As part of roads of national importance:

  • 321.3 km - roads of international importance;
  • 189.9 km - national roads;
  • 241.7 km - regional roads;
  • 1042.8 km of territorial roads.

As a part of roads of local value 2107,5 km - regional roads and 2292,1 km - district roads.

Motorways of national and international importance passing through the territory of the region:

  • M-07 "Lublin - Yagodyn - Kovel - Kyiv"
  • M-19 "Domanove - Kovel - Chernivtsi - Tereblyache" (in the direction of Bucharest)
  • H-22 "Ustylug - Lutsk - Rivne"

 The main directions of transit flows passing through the region:

  • Countries of the European Union - Russia;
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus - Moldova, Romania;
  • Countries of the European Union - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Iran.

Transport routes leading to the states of Eastern and Western Europe pass through the territory of the region. In particular, the international transport corridor (ITC) "Baltic - Black Sea" (road and rail transport) passes through the territory of Volyn. The territory of the region is also crossed by the interstate transport corridor Uzhhorod - Lviv - Kovel - Domanovo with a length of 510 km in the main direction and 185 km - in the branches. The transport corridor runs parallel to the eastern border of the European Union and connects almost all ITCs.

 Rail connections:

The basis of the railway network of the region consists of 6 railways, radially diverging from the city of Kovel. The total operational length of the railway tracks is 631.3 km. Important railways of the region are:

  • Kovel - Zdolbuniv - Kyiv - routes to the central, southern and eastern regions of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Transcaucasia.
  • Kovel - Sarny - Kyiv, as a section of the railway Kyiv - Warsaw - routes northern and eastern regions of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
  • Kovel - Yagodyn - Chelm - transit export-import transportation is carried out on this connection. This section of the railway is of international importance. It connects the regions with Poland and other Central and Western European countries.
  • Kovel - Brest (56 km within the region) - routes in Belarus and the Baltic countries.

Kovel - Volodymyr-Volynskyi - Lviv - in this direction, Volyn region is connected with the western regions of Ukraine, as well as the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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