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Agrarian Volyn


Investment passport of the agro-industrial complex of Volyn region 

The agricultural sector ensures the food security of the region and the food independence of the country.

The region occupies 2014.4 thousand hectares - 3.3% of the territory of Ukraine, including agricultural land - 1047.5 thousand hectares, arable land - 672.3 thousand hectares and produces almost 3% of national agricultural output.

Volyn has a powerful agro-industrial complex, which is based on 944 agricultural enterprises, including 567 farms, and 158.2 thousand personal farms.

About 20% of the region's gross value added is created in agriculture.


The share of foreign investments involved in agricultural production in the region is more than 4.5% of their total.

The priority areas of development of the agricultural sector of the region's economy are the production of grain and industrial crops, potatoes and vegetables, sugar beets, meat and milk..

In the structure of agricultural products, crop production accounts for 68.4%, livestock - 31.6%.

For the sixth year in a row, the gross production of cereals and legumes exceeded one million tons. In 2019, the most important shaft - 1 million 292 thousand tons with an average yield of 43.4 quintals / hectare.

In the ranking of regions in crop production in 2019, the region took 1st place in the production of winter rye and oats, 7th place in the production of spring wheat and potatoes and 8th - in the production of sugar beets (factory).

Volyn region specializes in the development of meat and dairy farming.

Breeding work is aimed at improving the genetic quality of animals through the effective use in the selection process of the world's most valuable genetic resources to create highly productive livestock.

The priority task of dairy farming development in the region is the reconstruction and construction of dairy farms and complexes, arrangement of mini-milking parlors and milk pipelines in small farms and peasant (family) farms.

Volyn enterprises are developing world markets, presenting their products at international exhibitions and forums.

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