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The village of Kamianukha, Manevychi rayon

Investment proposal Greenfield

  • Location:
    • Behind the boundaries of the settlement with. Kamianukha, Volyn region
  • Area properties:
    • The maximum available (as one plot) [ha]: 1 hа
    • Opportunities for development (brief description): for the municipal and industrial construction purposes. The land plot does not belong to the lands of nature reserve as well as other nature protection, historical, cultural, health-improving and recreational significance lands. It is possible to erect buildings and structures. Available transport accessibility.
  • Property information:
    • Estimated land price (UAH / square meter): it is necessary to order an expert assessment of the land
    • Owners: territorial community of villages and towns
    • Availability of current conceptual design: no
    • Zoning: no information
  • Features of land (ground):
    • Type of soil on the site (ha): sandy soils
    • Present land use: is not used
    • Pollution of ground and underground water: no
    • Conducted geological investigation of the site: no
    • Risk of flooding or landslides: no
    • Underground obstacles: no
    • Ground and air obstacles: no
    • Environmental restrictions: no
    • Buildings or other constructions on the ground: no
  • Transport position:
    • Roads access to the ground (type and width of available road): paved road of regional significance, 10 m wide
    • The nearest highway / road of national importance (km): borders on this land
    • Sea and river ports within a radius of 200 km: no
    • Railway track (km): 8 km
    • Railway sidetrack (km): 20 km
    • The nearest regular airport (km): Lviv city
    • The nearest sea port (km): Odesa city
  • Available Infrastructure
    • Electricity: yes
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) (m): from the power line – 500 m
      • electric voltage – 380 kW
    • Water supply:
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) (m): no
    • Sewage systems: no
    • Telecommunications: no
  • Estimated cost of utility services installation:
    • the cost of utility services installation was not calculated
  • Current state of affairs (availability of necessary permits, results of land use change, etc.):
    • The there are no approvals for the land plot. The assignment of the land plot was not changed
  • Other relevant comments:
    • The land plot is located outside the settlement and has a favorable geographical position. It is possible to construct buildings, structures and install utility services. The village of Kamianukha has transport links with the Republic of Poland as well as the city of Kyiv.
  • Proposal is designed by:
    • Department of Foreign Relations, Investment and Tourism and Resorts of the Regional State Administration
  • Contacts: 
    • Chulipa Igor Dmytrovych
    • Balbuza Veronika Mykolayivna
  • Phones: 
    • +38(0332) 778 128
    • +38(0332) 778 108
    • +38(0332) 778 202

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