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Urochysche Flax factory, outside the settlement of Polozheve village

Investment proposal Greenfield

  • Location: 
    • Urochysche Flax factory, outside the settlement of Polozheve village, Volyn oblast
  • Area properties:
    • The maximum available (as one plot) [ha]: 9,0 ha
    • Opportunities for development (brief description): commercial and industrial activity
  • Property information:
    • Estimated land price (UAH per square meter): after conducting a monetary valuation
    • Owners: Schatsk village council, communal property
    • Availability of current conceptual design: no
    • Zoning: land stock
  • Features of land (ground):
    • Type of soil on the site (ha): sod-podzolic sandy and peat-swamp soils
    • Difference in land leveling (m): 0,5 m
    • Present land use: is not used
    • Pollution of ground and underground waters: no
    • Underground waters level (m): 1-1,5 m
    • Conducted geological investigation of the site: no
    • Risk of flooding or landslides: no
    • Underground obstacles: no
    • Ground and air obstacles: no
    • Environmental restrictions: yes (Schatsk NNP economic zone)
    • Buildings or other constructions on the ground: no
  • Transport position:
    • Roads access to the ground (type and width of available road): boarders on the local importance road C-031699
    • The nearest road of national importance: T -0302 1,2 km
    • Sea and river ports within a radius of 200 km: no
    • Railway track (km): 33,0 m
    • Railway sidetrack (km): 33,0 m
    • The nearest regular airport (km): Lviv city 243 km
    • The nearest sea port (km): Gdansk city (the Republic of Poland) 648 km
  • Available Infrastructure
    • Electricity:
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) (m): 100 m
      • electric voltage (kW): 10 kW
    • Water supply: no
    • Gasification: no
    • Sewage systems: no
    • Telecommunications: no
  • Current state of affairs (availability of necessary permits, results of land use change, etc.):
    • The need to develop title documents
  • Proposal is designed by: 
    • Department of Foreign Relations, Investment Attraction and Tourism and Resorts of the Regional State Administration
  • Contacts: 
    • Chulipa Ihor Dmytrovych
    • Balbuza Veronika Mykolayivna
  • Phones: 
    • +38(0332) 778 128
    • +38(0332) 778 108
    • +38(0332) 778 202

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