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Construction of a waste sorting line in Tsumanskaya UTC

Project name:

  • Construction of a waste sorting line in Tsumanskaya UTC


  • Manufacturing

Detailed project description:

  • The working project envisages the construction of a waste sorting line for the implementation of SHW management practices on the territory of Tsumanska UTC. It is necessary to bring the existing SHW landfill to the relevant requirements of technical standards and to organize separate collection of SHW in the settlements of the community. According to the project, it is also planned to purchase modern equipment that will properly ensure the implementation of the project goal.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Creating conditions for sorting SHW on the territory of Tsumanskaya UTC

Expected effect from the project implementation:

  • Availability of infrastructure for further management of SHW in Tsumanskaya UTC

Personal data of the investment project:

  • Name of the enterprise: Tsumanske VUZhKG
  • Type of enterprise activity:
  • Leasing and operation of own or leased real estate
  • Postal address: Chekhova Street, building 2, Tsuman township, Kivertsiv district, Volyn region
  • Total cost of the project: 4500.00 thousand UAH
  • The need for investment funds: 4000.00 thousand UAH
  • Method of attracting investment:
  • investor funds
  • Level of project readiness:
  • in the process of development
  • Payback period of the project: 1.5 years
  • Planned number of new jobs to be created as a result of the project: 10 people.

Contact persons for the investment project:


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