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Production of ecologically clean health food and biofuels

Project name:

  • Production of environmentally friendly health food and biofuels


  • Agriculture and processing of agricultural products


  • Druzhby Street, 93, Lyuboml, Volyn region.

Detailed project description:

  • Ensuring technological processes in the production of health food raw materials through the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, berries, breeding and fattening of farm animals of meat and dairy breeds
  • Creation on the basis of selected biologically active substances of natural food and dietary supplements with their subsequent inclusion in the composition of functional foods for health and medical purposes
  • The use of substandard raw materials, by-products of processing, agricultural waste and wild phyto-raw materials, followed by the release of biologically active components
  • Production of biofuels through the use of waste from own production and products of processing of agricultural products

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Establishment of a vertically integrated company for the production of health-improving food products on the basis of a regional raw material base of natural origin and own production of agricultural products, materials and energy resources for the production of health-improving food products. Sale of surplus technical raw materials and energy resources for export
  • Improving the natural and ecological condition of Polissya in Ukraine
  • Demonopolization and decriminalization of natural resources

Expected effect from the project implementation:

  • get a wide range of environmentally friendly foods, including those that are characterized by therapeutic and prophylactic properties
  • to solve the problem of waste and substandard raw materials due to their integrated use with further application in the technological processes of the production of agricultural products and the production of health foods
  • reduce the cost of manufactured products and increase its competitiveness
  • reduce the number of unemployed by involving the rural population of the district in the cultivation of agricultural products for the production of health food, which will stimulate the creation of farms
  • increase budget revenues at all levels

Personal data of the investment project:

  • Name of the enterprise: Production and commercial enterprise "Olympus"
  • Type of activity of the enterprise: wholesale of grain
  • Postal address: 44300 Volyn region, Lyuboml district, Lyuboml, Druzhby street, 93
  • Phone: + 380-3377-24579
  • Total cost of the project: UAH 460,000 thousand
  • The need for investment funds: 324,000 thousand UAH
  • Method of attracting investment: direct investment in joint activities or credit resources
  • Project readiness level: business plan and production bases
  • Payback period of the project: 6-8 years
  • Planned number of new jobs to be created as a result of the project: 400 people.

Contact persons for the investment project:

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