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Volodymyr-Volynskyi Industrial Park


Project name:

  • Industrial Park "Vladimir-Volynsky"

Priority areas:

  • processing industry,
  • transport, warehousing, courier activities


  • Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Lutsk Street (territory of sugar settling tanks)

Detailed project description:

  • The creation of an industrial park in the city will help create favorable conditions for the start of industrial production; development of communal infrastructure, increase of investment attractiveness of the city and intensification of investment activity; creation of new jobs, development of small and medium business; filling state and local budgets

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • The main purpose of creating an industrial park in Volodymyr-Volynskyi is:
  • providing favorable conditions for attracting investment in the city's economy,
  • functioning and development of industrial enterprises, improving the investment attractiveness of the city, intensification of economic and industrial development,
  • creation of new jobs, growth of budget revenues at all levels, as well as the development of modern production and market infrastructure.
  • The main tasks of creating an industrial park are:
  • organization of modern production facilities on the basis of innovative and competitive technologies;
  • creation of new jobs and, accordingly, reduction of unemployment;
  • providing conditions for the growth of welfare and purchasing power of the population;
  • creation of favorable conditions for the development of the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises that provide related services to residents of the industrial park;
  • production of new types of competitive products;
  • ensuring stable conditions for investment activities for the period of creation, arrangement and operation of the industrial park;
  • development of engineering, transport and logistics infrastructure of the city;
  • increasing the export potential of local enterprises.

Project readiness level:

  • The concept of an industrial park is currently being developed. Topographic and geodetic works of the land plot were carried out, a detailed plan of the territory and a land management project on the allotment of the land plot on Lutska Street (the area of ​​the sugar factory settling tanks) were developed.

The planned number of new jobs to be created as a result of the project:

  • 1000

Contact persons for the investment project:

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