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Novovolynsk Industrial Park


  • Novovolynsk Industrial Park

Initiator of creation:

  • Novovolynsk City Council


  • Volyn region, Novovolynsk city, Lutsk street

Land plot size:

  • 20 ha (16 ha of usable area, 4 ha - communications, power lines, protection zones of facilities, etc.)

Cadastral number of the plot:

  • 0710700000: 01: 008: 0053 dated March 27, 2017, ZV-0703355202017

Accommodation plan:

  • Zone 1: Logistics and warehousing (3.6 ha)
  • Zone 2: Production (10.9 ha) 
    (Industrial investments: mechanical engineering; production of household appliances; light industry; agricultural industry)
  • Zone 3: Sanitary (2.45 ha)
  • Zone 4: Administrative and office (3.1 ha)

The method of realization of production areas in the park:

  • Transfer of plots for rent, sublease;
  • Construction with their subsequent sale or lease.

Park infrastructure:

  • Transport infrastructure:
    • Access roads and internal road system;
    • Stops and parking for passenger transport for the transportation of resident employees.
  • Engineering infrastructure:
    • Power supply system;
    • Gas supply system;
    • Water supply and drainage system (fire extinguishing pumps);
    • Telephone lines and the Internet.
  • Logistics infrastructure:
    • Railway branch and loading and unloading platforms;
    • Warehouse complex for service of automobile cargoes.
  • Service infrastructure:
    • Administrative and household complex: service premises, conference halls, dining room, shop, guest parking

Management company services:

  • Sale / lease of plots;
  • Construction of industrial facilities;
  • Operation of the park territory;
  • Support for residents in obtaining permits;
  • Business services: legal, personnel, marketing, etc.

Investment incentives for residents:

  • paragraph 44 of subsection 4 of section XX "Transitional provisions" of the Tax Code of Ukraine for the period up to 31.12.2021; Part 6 of Art. 287 of the Customs Code of Ukraine

Arrangement of the site:

  • UAH 86.4 million

Contact persons for the investment project:

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