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Creation of an enterprise for the production of matches

Project name:

  • Establishment of an enterprise for the production of matches


  • industry


  • the village of Novi Berezichi, Lyubeshiv district

Detailed project description:

  • The project provides for the preparation of an investment proposal for potential investors to create an enterprise that will specialize in the production of matches, with the definition of the relevant land. The most advantageous location for such an enterprise is in the village of Novi Berezichi, as the village is located near the road of regional importance R-14, which allows for efficient delivery of finished products to the consumer. Matches - a product that will always be in demand. It belongs to the group of the most important goods for the organization of human life. Therefore, it is possible to organize a relevant and profitable business.
  • The woodworking industry in the community is competitive. There are both state-owned enterprises and small private entrepreneurs who specialize in primary wood processing. Making matches is a high-risk process, so production facilities must comply with certain safety rules. Despite the simple structure, the match itself is a complex technological process of production, which includes: the production of the base of the match, which has the form of straw; passing of a basis through baths: impregnation with fire-prevention mix, processing by a paraffin first coat, double processing by glue and a covering by a protective layer; drying, which takes a total of two hours; sorting by length and cross section; making a box for matches; packaging of finished products. A variant of production of matches without production of straw for matches is possible. It can be purchased ready-made. This will significantly reduce investment in the first stage.
  • Since match products get into all homes in the country, this property can be used as advertising space. The essence of this event will be the manufacture and placement on matchboxes of various promotional products, which will generate additional income and direct them to the modernization of equipment.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Promoting the creation of new jobs and filling the budget of Lyubeshivska UTC

Expected effect from the project implementation:

  • A high-quality investment proposal will be prepared to establish an enterprise specializing in the production of matches on the territory of Lyubeshivska UTC, in case of support of which investment funds will be attracted to organize the work of the budget-generating enterprise. Efficient and profitable activity of the enterprise will allow to receive receipts to the settlement budget, additional workplaces will be created, also taxes on incomes of physical persons - workers will increase, contributions to the Pension fund will be formed. The development of production activities in this area on the territory of Lyubeshivska UTC will promote the development of the national producer, will fill the community budget and finance capital construction projects in the social sphere.

Method of attracting investments:

  • Preparation of a quality business offer for potential investors

Contact persons for the investment project:

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