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Establishment of a sapropel mining enterprise

Project name:

  • Establishment of an enterprise for the extraction of sapropel


  • industry


  • Lyubeshivska UTC

Detailed project description:

  • The project envisages the preparation of an investment proposal for potential investors, which includes conducting a geological examination of the number of sapropel deposits in the lakes of Lyubeshivska UTC, where mining is potentially possible. Also, the investment proposal provides for the allocation of land with a purpose for the construction of a complex for the extraction of sapropel and production of organic fertilizers.

The UTC lakes have large reserves of sapropel, which can be used as a phosphate-lime fertilizer, and some varieties are used in veterinary medicine, animal feed, the cosmetics industry, and medicine.

Production of lake sapropel at the first stage is planned in Lake Rozhizne (96 hectares), which is located northeast of the village of Vetli. The production base is planned to be located outside the coastal protection strip and Lake Rozhizne.

The purpose of the planned activity of the created enterprise is the production of high-quality organic fertilizers. It is also planned to install a complex for the extraction of sapropel and production of organic fertilizers.

  • Key project activities:
    • Conducting a geological study of the Lyubeshivska UTC lakes, potentially suitable for sapropel mining.
    • Identification of land plots with the required purpose.
    • Formation of investment proposal.
    • Placing an investment proposal on open investment platforms.
    • Monitoring of possible grant funds, as well as projects funded by the ITD, which may be involved in the implementation of this project.
  • Presentation of community investment opportunities.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Attracting investments to Lyubeshivska UTC

Expected effect from the project implementation:

  • A geological survey will be conducted to identify the amount of sapropel present in the lakes of Lyubeshivska UTC. On the basis of the conducted researches the qualitative investment offer on extraction of sapropel will be prepared.
  • Presentation of the investment proposal on all possible resources will increase the chances of attracting investment for this project.
  • The availability of investors and investment funds will contribute to the creation of a budget-generating industrial enterprise in the territory of Lyubeshivska UTC.

Method of attracting investments:

  • Preparation of a quality business offer for potential investors

Contact persons for the investment project:



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