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“Construction of a waste processing plant in Kovel”

Investment project information card

  • Project name: 
    • “Construction of a waste processing plant in Kovel”
  • Branch
    •  Housing and communal services, ecologic
  • Location
    • The selected land plot with a total area of 4.9 ha is located within the city of Kovel in the southwestern part of the reserve lands of the Kovel City Council, intended for industrial and storage facilities according to the city master plan.
    • The plot is limited: from the North – public lands, free from construction, reserve lands of Kovel City Council, (at a distance of 500 m from the projected object is an existing meat plant); from the West − public lands, free from construction, city limits, reserve lands of Kovel City Council; from the South − public lands are free from construction; from the East – public lands, free from construction, reserve lands of Kovel City Council, 100 m to Volodymyrska str.
  • Detailed description of the project:
    • 1) to carry out processing of unsorted garbage in the amount of not less than 80% of the received;
    • 2) ensure the processing of waste without the use of the incineration process;
    • 3) create new jobs;
    • 4) to produce alternative types of energy from organic waste ("green" energy, biogas);
    • 5) produce high quality fertilizers for agricultural needs;
    • 6) reduce air, air, soil and water pollution
    • Stage 1 − construction of a solid waste processing plant;
    • Stage 2 − creation of a center for processing of construction waste;
    • Stage 3 − organization of processing of wood and waste of plant origin;
    • Stage 4 − reclamation of the existing landfill and gas collection from old landfills;
    • Stage 5 − transformation of the complex into an ecological park recreation area.
    • The basis for the development of the investment proposal is the overload of the existing landfill in the tract Lubliniec 2.5 times. Currently, the procedure for renewal of the permit for the acceptance of solid waste by the landfill (which expired on July 1, 2013) is underway.
    • There is a more modern and cost-effective option to solve the problem such as the construction of a waste processing plant at the expense of the investor. During its operation, only up to 20% of garbage will get to the landfill, thus, the service life of the third stage of the landfill will be extended to 17.5 years.
    • List of stages of investment proposal implementation:
  • Purpose and objectives of the project:
    • The purpose of the investment proposal: implementation of a set of measures for the collection, sorting, disposal and processing of solid waste (MSW) and limiting their harmful effects on the environment and human health.
  • To achieve the goal it is necessary to solve the following tasks:
    • reduce the volume of household waste disposal by removing various types of secondary raw materials;
    • to build a modular waste processing plant using the latest technologies for sorting and processing of solid waste;
    • to introduce modern methods of collection, transportation, processing, utilization and disposal of solid waste;
    • create conditions for efficient use of household waste as an energy resource;
    • reclamation of the existing landfill and gas collection from old landfills;
    • to improve the sanitary and ecological condition of the city;
    • to increase revenues to the local budget, create new jobs.
  • Expected effect from the project implementation:
    • 1) there is no need for a landfill;
    • 2) rational use of solid waste is provided;
    • 3) the ecological condition of the city is expected to improve.
    • One of the options for locating a waste processing plant is a plot of land near the existing landfill.
    • As a result of the implementation of the investment proposal:
  • Background data of the investment project:
    • Name of enterprise (institution, organization): Executive Committee of Kovel City Council.
    • Type of enterprise (institution, organization): Local government.
    • Postal address: 45000, Kovel, Independence str., 73
    • Phone: 61700, 61701
    • e-mail: : info@kovelrada.gov.ua   
  • Total cost of the project: estimated cost of about 30 million euros
  • The need for investment funds: estimated cost of about 30 million euros
  • Method of attracting investment: it is necessary to attract funds from potential investors.
  • Contacts: 
    • Balbuza Veronika Mykolayivna
  • Phones: 
    • +38(0332) 778 108
    • +38(0332) 778 202

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