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Investment project information card

  • Project name:
    • Construction of a wind power plant with a total capacity of 100 MW
  • Branch:
    • Green energy
  • Location:
    • Ivanychi OTG
  • Detailed description of the project:
    • The project provides for the construction of 29 windmills on the territory of Ivanychi OTG
  • Purpose and objectives of the project:
    • Improving the energy balance of the region and reducing significant technological losses in the process of energy transportation from thermal power plants, due to the creation of generating capacity in the Volyn region
    • Reducing environmental pressures on greenhouse gas emissions by diversifying clean energy production using resource-saving technologies
  • Expected effect from the project implementation:
    • Improving infrastructure, including the construction of new and reconstruction of old roads
    • Promoting the creation of new jobs, in particular during the construction of wind farms
    • Promoting the development of social and industrial infrastructure of the community
    • Filling the budget by paying rent to the local budget and landowners, payment of appropriate taxes
  • Method of attracting investment:
    • Investor's funds
  • Project readiness level:
    • The initial stage
  • The planned number of new jobs to be created as a result of the project
    • 20
  • Proposal is designed by: 
    • Department of Foreign Relations, Investment Attraction and Tourism and Resorts of the Regional State Administration
  • Contacts: 
    • Balbuza Veronika Mykolayivna
  • Phones: 
    • +38(0332) 778 108
    • +38(0332) 778 202

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