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Restoration of Lake Nechymne, Kovel district, Volyn region

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Project name:

  • Restoration of Lake Nechymne, Kovel district, Volyn region


  • Industry


  • Landscape reserve "Nechymne" outside the village of Skulin, Kovel district, Volyn region

Detailed project description:

  • To date, there is a need to clean Lake Nechymne (near the village of Skulin, Kovel district, Volyn region) with an area of ​​5.06 hectares. There is a danger that after some time, with further intensive siltation of the lake, it will disappear as a reservoir and lose its natural and historical and cultural significance.
  • The project "Restoration of Lake Nechymne, Kovel district, Volyn region" has been developed, which needs to be adjusted.
  • The area of ​​alluvial maps is 7.87 hectares. The maximum depth of excavation is 4 m.
  • The volume of extraction of organic sludge with a humidity of 91.8% - 101030 m3.
  • Volume of pulp with a moisture content of 97% - 272781 m3.
  • To implement this project, electrification of the territory has been started (a 4.29 km long transmission line has been built and electrical equipment has been purchased). To accommodate the production base, it is possible to allocate a temporary plot of land with an area of ​​32.1375 hectares, which is located at a distance of 300 m from Lake Nechimne. Cadastral number 0722189000: 03: 001: 0575. In the future, this land can be used, for example, for growing blueberries.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Attracting investments in Kolodyazhne Village Council (OTG) and preserving Lake Nechymne

Total project cost:

  • The cost of construction in the prices of 2018 - 10500.0 thousand UAH

The need for investment funds:

  • Approximately 10500.0 thousand UAH

The method of attracting investment

  • Preparation of a quality business offer for potential investors

Project readiness level:

  • about 10%

 Contact persons for the investment project:

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