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Construction of agricultural premises for the needs of an agricultural cooperative

Project name:

  • Construction of agricultural premises for the needs of agricultural cooperatives


  • industry


  • Derevkivsky Starostynsky district

Detailed description of the project

  • The project provides for the preparation of a quality business proposal for potential investors who are interested in creating a cooperative that will specialize in harvesting and drying wild medicinal herbs, pumpkin seeds, grains, beans, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. Residents are also interested in creating a cooperative, as it will create additional jobs, help increase the own income of the population and the community. The project provides for the allocation of land for construction of premises for the needs of the cooperative.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Promoting the creation of cooperatives, agricultural development in the territory of Lyubeshivska united territorial community

Expected effect from the project implementation:

  • A high-quality investment proposal will be formed, which will allow to create the first cooperative on the territory of the united territorial community. This will open an opportunity for this rural area to develop the sale of agricultural products.
  • After successful investment attraction, an industrial premises will be built that will meet the needs of the cooperative.
  • Sales of agricultural products made by the owners of personal farms and farms will be organized
  • Additional jobs will be created

Contact persons for the investment project:

The method of attracting investment

  • Preparation of a quality business offer for potential investors

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