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Radon magnet of Ukraine (creation of a sanatorium-resort complex on the basis of Zhuravychiv radon deposit)

Project name:

  • Radon magnet of Ukraine (creation of a sanatorium-resort complex and base of Zhuravychiv radon deposit)


  • Tourism, medical services, recreation


  • Zhuravichi village, Kivertsiv district, Volyn region.

Detailed project description:

  • Since the XIX century on the territory of the modern village of Zhuravichi, Kivertsiv district, mineral mud and water containing rhodon have been used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and others. The type of water of the Zhuravychiv source of mineral waters is hydro-carbonate-calcium radon with mineralization of 2.5 g / l, flow rate 240.0 cubic meters / day. The value of Zhuravychivsky spring is extraordinary, the healing properties provide a healing effect of 98%. The reserves of the Zhuravychivsky mud deposit amount to 217 thousand cubic meters. Located in the village of Zhuravichi. In 1928-1939, 1987-1999, the balneological sanatorium "Zhuravka" operated here. Sodium chloride water with high mineralization - 12-13 mg / l is distributed near the village of Zhuravichi, Kivertsiv district. These waters contain impurities of bromine, iodine, radon and are used to treat the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, respiratory and digestive systems. ("..The village of Zhuravichi is known for its unique radon source. In archival documents for 1952 there is information that"… in the village there is a powerful radioactive water source, on the basis of which from 1928 to 1939 there was a balneological sanatorium, which during the war was destroyed. "This sanatorium was known not only in Europe but also in America. It treated diseases of vision and musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive system and atherosclerosis. In addition to water, in the treatment process and used peat In 1986, a health resort project for 1,000 beds was developed, under which energy supply infrastructure was built, and from 1987 to 1998 a sanatorium of the Kolkiv State Forestry Association of the Volynderevlis Association operated in the village of Zhuravichi, where 250 visitors could recover at the same time. years of economic hardship, the sanatorium ceased to function, and its economy fell into disrepair.Although the healing source of radon still beats on the outskirts of the village of Zhuravichi. ")
  • According to the results of laboratory studies conducted by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2015, the radon content of samples taken in the village of Zhuravichi and surrounding lands is twice as high as the world-famous resort of Khmilnyk.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Recovery through the use of natural and economic potential of Kivertsiv region

Expected effect from the project implementation:

  • Rational use of natural heritage sites, preservation of natural landscapes, creation of a tourist and recreational complex, increase of tourist potential, economic activity and well-being of the population

Personal data of the investment project

  • Total cost of the project: UAH 900 million
  • Need for investment funds: UAH 900 million
  • Method of attracting investment:
    • creation of enterprises wholly owned by foreign investors, branches and other separate divisions of foreign legal entities
    • acquisition independently or with the participation of Ukrainian legal entities or individuals of rights to use land and use natural resources on the territory of Ukraine
    • economic (business) activities on the basis of production sharing agreements
  • Level of project readiness:
    • Preliminary studies of mineral water, mud, technical documentation for the land, construction project (needs adjustment)
  • Planned number of new jobs to be created as a result of the project: At least 50 people.

Contact persons for the investment project:

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