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Lyubeshiv township, Lyubeshiv district

Greenfield investment offer

  • Location:
    • Lyubeshiv township, Nezalezhnosti Street
  • Terrain properties:
    • Maximum available area (as one plot) [ha]: 0.80 ha
    • Development opportunities (brief description): the site has a favorable geographical location and the ability to connect to all utilities. Located near the regional road R-14, with an average level of traffic. To the center of Lyubeshiv village - 1000 m
  • Property information:
    • Approximate price of land (UAH / m2): rent UAH 31.40 / m2
    • Owners: communal property of Lyubeshiv village council
    • Availability of current conceptual design: no
    • Zoning: no
  • Characteristics of land (plots):
    • Type of soil on the site (ha): sod-slightly podzolic gley sandy
    • The difference in ground level (m): altitude: 146-147 m
    • Land use at present: agricultural land
    • Groundwater pollution: no
    • Groundwater level (m): 10-12
    • Risk of flooding or landslides: no
    • Underground obstacles: no
    • Ground and air obstacles: power lines
    • Environmental restrictions: no
    • Houses or other structures on the site: no
  • Transport position:
    • Access of roads to the site (type and width of accessible road): Р14 - road of regional significance
    • Nearest highway / road of national importance (km): Е379 - 63 km; M19 - 72 km
    • Sea and river ports within a radius of 200 km: none
    • Railway track (km): 60 km
    • Railway access track (km): no
    • Nearest operating airport (km): Lviv - 300 km
    • Nearest seaport (km): Odessa Sea Commercial Port - 920 km
  • Available infrastructure
    • Electricity: yes
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) - 100 m
    • electric voltage - 10 kW
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) - 500 m
    • Gasification: yes
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) - 150 m
    • Water supply: yes
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) - 100 m
    • Wastewater treatment plants: yes
    • Telecommunications: yes
  • Estimated cost of utilities:
    • about UAH 250,000
  • Current state of affairs (availability of necessary permits, results of land use change, etc.): 
    • The site is located in the sanitary protection zone of Lyubeshiv Cemetery. It is possible to consider proposals to change the purpose.
  • Opportunities for state support:
    • Depending on the type of activity
  • Opportunities for local support:
    • The community administration is ready to provide support to the investor in: timely obtaining the necessary approvals and permits; assisting in the search for qualified personnel for the needs of the investor
  • Other relevant comments:
    • The community administration is interested in an investor who will use the land on lease, as the land is located in the sanitary protection zone of Lyubeshiv Cemetery. Planned use - for the construction of a service station.
  • The proposal is prepared by:
    • Department of Foreign Relations, Investment Attraction and Tourism and Resorts of the Regional State Administration
  • Contact persons:
    • Balbuza Veronika Nikolaevna
  • Phones:
    • +38 (0332) 778 108
    • +38 (0332) 778 202

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