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Pavlivka village Ivanychiv district

Greenfield investment offer

  • General information:
    • Name of the site: agricultural land-pasture, project-construction of car maintenance station
    • Location of the site: Pavlivka village, Ivanychiv district
    • Name of the nearest settlement and distance from it to the site (km): within the settlement
    • Distance from the site to the nearest residential building (km): 0.06 km
    • Distance from the site to the boundary of the residential area (according to the general plan of development of the settlement) (km): 0.06 km
    • Name of the nearest district center and distance to it (km): Ivanychi township - 4,7 km
    • Name of the nearest regional center and distance to it (km): Lutsk - 90.0 km
    • Total plot area: 0.25 ha
    • The shape of the plot: a rectangle
    • Relief, mark above sea level (m), the difference between the highest and lowest elevations of the site (m): plain 197-198 - 1 m
    • Neighboring areas (describe):
      • To the north - regional highway NO 30315 Klopochyn-Bilopil-Kolpytiv road index O-030321;
      • To the west - water fund lands outside the village of Rykovychi
      • To the south - the land of the owners of land shares (units)
      • To the east - the lands of the village Rykovychi
    • Buildings and structures, if they are on the site, who owns them (describe): no
    • Are there any underground obstacles on the site: no
    • Are there any above-ground obstacles on the site: no
    • Environmental requirements and restrictions (describe): none
    • Contamination of soil, surface and groundwater (describe examples and risks of contamination): no
    • Flooding of the area during floods: partial
  • The legal status
    • Owner: Pavlovsk village council
    • Form of ownership: communal
    • Available title documents of the owner: no
    • For what purposes is the site used: not used
    • Availability of urban planning documentation: the scheme of planning the territory of Ivanychiv district, approved by the decision of Ivanychiv district council №3 / 16 from 24.12.2015.
    • Classification of the type of purpose of the land plot: existing - land of agricultural stock code KVCPZ-16.00. Design - for the construction and maintenance of other public buildings code KVCPZ-03.15
    • Existence of legal restrictions (encumbrances) of the land plot: condition: to begin and finish building or development of the land plot within the established terms - Code of restriction (encumbrance) in use of the land plot - 01.06.09
    • Form of transfer of land to the investor: sale of the right to lease
    • Estimated cost of land for rent (UAH / m2): rent UAH 38,000.00. per plot - 15.2 UAH / m2
  • Transport and engineering infrastructure
    • Truck access road: asphalt road
    • Distance to the highway of national importance (km): adjacent to the regional highway Ivanychi-Pavlivka - T-03-02
    • Name of freight railway station and distance by road from it to the site (km): distance to Ivanychi railway station - 7.2 km
    • Name of the nearest river and distance from it to the site, km: Strypa river - 0.5 km
    • Availability of public transport routes to the site (buses, trains): there are bus routes
  • Information on the supply of the gas transmission network to the site
    • Distance to the existing gas pipeline (km): to the medium pressure gas pipeline - 0.35 km
    • Diameter of the gas pipeline (mm): 57 mm
    • Distance to the operating gas distribution station (GDS) km: 0.35 km
  • Information on the supply of electricity to the site
    • Distance to the operating power line (transmission line) (km): 0.13 km
    • Power line voltage (kV): 0.4 kV
    • Power reserve at the place of possible connection to the transmission line (kW): 40 kW
    • Distance to the operating transformer substation, (km): 0.7 km
    • Voltage at the transformer substation (kV): 10 / 0.4 kV
    • Power reserve at the transformer substation (kW): 40 kW
  • Water supply
    • How to provide water supply on the site: laying water to the existing 75 m
    • Distance to the possible connection point to the existing water supply system (km): 0.575 to the water tower of the village council
  • Drainage (sewerage)
    • How to ensure drainage (sewerage) on the site (describe options): construction of a cesspool
  • Proposal prepared:
    • Department of Foreign Relations, Investment Attraction and Tourism and Resorts of the Regional State Administration
  • Contact persons:
    • Chulipa Igor Dmitrovich
    • Balbuza Veronika Nikolaevna
  • Phones:
    • +38 (0332) 778 128
    • +38 (0332) 778 108
    • +38 (0332) 778 202

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