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Lyubeshiv township

Brownfield investment offer

  • Name of industrial site / production area:
    • The territory of the former flax plant
  • Address:
    • Lyubeshiv township, Lisova Street
  • Industrial real estate object:
    • Land
  • Object owner:
    • Lyubeshiv village council
  • Basic information about the industrial site / production area:
    • Available technical conditions: medium
    • Total land area: 45,000 m2
  • Transport connection:
    • the nearest highway / road of national importance: О-030957 —150 m
    • the nearest obasny center: Lutsk - 150 km
    • the nearest international airport: Lviv - 300 km
  • Infrastructure:
    • Power supply: yes
    • Sewage systems: no
    • Water supply: yes
    • Gasification: no
    • Heating: no
    • Road access for trucks: yes
    • Cranes: no
    • Railway: no
  • Estimated cost of supply of necessary communications (gas, water, sewerage, etc.):
    • about UAH 200,000
  • Terms of use / purchase:
    • Rent: yes
  • Price in UAH, including premises and land:
    • rent 31.40 UAH / m2
  • Additional information (current state of affairs, possibility of state support, etc.):
    • The community administration is interested in an investor who, under the terms of the investment agreement, will use the land to organize the work of the reloading enterprise. It is assumed that the necessary equipment will be purchased and production facilities will be arranged on the territory of the former flax plant in the village of Lyubeshiv, with the subsequent installation of a garbage transfer line here. In case the investor is interested in another purposeful use of the plot, the community is ready to consider changing the relevant purpose of the land plot. The community administration is ready to provide support to the investor in: timely receipt of the necessary approvals and permits; assisting in the search for qualified personnel for the needs of the investor
  • Contact persons:
    • Balbuza Veronika Nikolaevna
  • Phones:
    • +38 (0332) 778 108
    • +38 (0332) 778 202

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