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Shatsk township

Greenfield investment offer

  • Location:
    • Shatsk township, 50 years of Victory Street
  • Terrain properties:
    • Maximum available area (as one plot) [ha]: 10.5 ha
    • Opportunities for development (short description): creation of a recreational complex, water park
  • Property information:
    • Estimated land price (UAH / m2): after monetary valuation
    • Owners: communal property: communal Shatsk village council
    • Availability of current conceptual design: no
    • Zoning: the territory of service, trade and other business activities (according to the draft Master Plan)
  • Characteristics of land (plots):
    • Type of soil on the site (ha): sod-podzolic sandy and peat-swamp soils
    • Ground level difference (m): 0.5 m
    • Land use at present: not used
    • Groundwater pollution: no
    • Groundwater level (m): 1-1.5 m
    • Have geological surveys of the site been conducted: no
    • Risk of flooding or landslides: yes
    • Underground obstacles: no
    • Ground and air obstacles: no
    • Environmental restrictions: yes (territory of Shatsk NNP)
    • Houses or other structures on the site: no
  • Transport position:
    • Access of roads to the site (type and width of the accessible road): adjacent to the territorial road T-03-15
    • Sea and river ports within a radius of 200 km: none
    • Railway track (km): 33 km
    • Railway access track (km): 33 km
    • Nearest airport (km): Lviv 243 km
    • Nearest seaport (km) Gdansk (Republic of Poland) - 648 km
  • Available infrastructure
    • Electricity: yes
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) (m) - 500 m
      • voltage of electric current (kW) - 10 kW
      • allowable electrical capacity (MW) - ND
    • Gasification: no
    • Water supply: no
      • Wastewater treatment plants: no (nearest - 1300 m)
    • Telecommunications: no
      • connection point (distance from the site boundary) (m) - 1200 m
  • Current state of affairs (availability of necessary permits, results of land use change, etc.):
    • Wetland wasteland.
    • The plot is not included in the boundaries of the settlement, but will be included after the adoption of the Master Plan and the expansion of the boundaries of the settlement.
  • Opportunities for local support:
    • It is possible to use the mechanism of Public-Private Partnership under the condition of construction of the Aqua Park
  • The proposal is prepared by:
    • Department of Foreign Relations, Investment Attraction and Tourism and Resorts of the Regional State Administration
  • Contact persons:
    • Chulipa Igor Dmitrovich
    • Balbuza Veronika Nikolaevna
  • Phones:
    • +38 (0332) 778 128
    • +38 (0332) 778 108
    • +38 (0332) 778 202

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